But I am le tired …

So, classes started today. Sad. If only we could have another month or so of vacation … I’d totally go for that. But I can’t.

One of my classes has class at 9 on Monday, and lab at 8 on Wednesday. Thankfully, the professor emailed us and said that we would meet at 9 instead. Thank god. So I looked at the email, wanting to see how many people were in the class, and who I knew, and something jumped out at me: someone’s email was clearly a reference to Doctor Who. I don’t want to put it on here, but let me tell you that the guy might as well have had his email be tardis@email.edu. (PS: this is not a real email. At least, not that I know of.)

So, naturally, I looked up the email on the school’s network and facebook stalked him. Looking at his picture, he’s the kind of guy that you could pick out of a crowd and say, “I bet you watch Doctor Who.” Also, he’s only a junior. Which means that there are undergraduates in my class. Which sucks. Don’t want to deal with it.

See, for my undergrad, they just gave me an email: first initial, last name. So when I came here, and I got to pick my own email, I used the same formula. It just makes sense, makes it easy for people to find my email. Why don’t other people have the same thoughts? Why would you make your school email about Doctor Who? My boss’ email is something weird too, from his time in the Marines. He literally told me that if he told me what it meant he’d have to kill me. Then why would you make that your work email? I don’t get it.

Sigh. Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to class, and then go to work. Also not at all excited about that. Totally serious here, if anyone’s got a time machine lying about, call me.

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  1. MIT also allows you to make up your own emails. Weird. Although if I could get away from firstname.lastname001@myschool.edu I certainly would. … Which is why I never use it, and have mail forwarding.

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