You learn something new …

So I learned TWO things today.

1: I learned that if you freeze a tomato, the skin comes off super easy. I froze a tomato (whole, just dropped it into a tupperware and stuck it in the freezer) back in December, and just got it out today for lunch. If you just score the skin (because slicing through a frozen tomato is quite difficult), and then soak it in some hot water, it thaws nicely and the skin just slides right off.

2: I learned that my cat does NOT have fleas. She has one GIANT flea that’s like 5 times bigger than any other flea I’ve ever seen. This thing is like the size of a small ant. Most fleas I’ve seen on cats are those ittybitty little ones, that basically look like jumping black dots. This thing was MASSIVE.

Does that mean I could catch and kill it? Of course not. Because it is still a flea.

So now the cat is covered in anti-flea powder and I’ve sprayed the whole house in this nasty-smelling anti-flea spray. Clearly the fact that she is wearing a flea collar and last week I gave her a bath with flea shampoo and put that flea and tick medicine on her has no effect on giant fleas of doom.

Seriously, this thing is like fleazilla.

I wonder if I can lure it out with Matthew Broderick and a pile of fish.

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  1. Omg I laughed for like 5 mins straight at fleazilla. Man, poor Halley! I also am super happy there’s no pics accompanying this post.

  2. Fleazilla = EPIC. Poor Halley-baby tho!

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