So I’ve come to the conclusion that I watch all these sci-fi and fantasy movies and read all these books because I keep hoping that one day it will end up being true. I’m just afraid that nothing is ever going to happen.

Either that or I’m going to end up like Molly Grue, screaming at the unicorn wondering why she waited so long.

Hurry up unicorn! I’m not getting any younger here!

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  1. Do you know how many people haven’t seen or read The Last Unicorn? WTF people! (It’s better in book form — no singing whatsoever.)

    And this is why you should temper your fantasy readings with mid-century sci fi — it’s all about how horrible people are and the unbearably horrible things that people can accomplish (read: atom bombs). Martian Chronicles is a nice one to start that off. 😛

    Also, look up the Jonathan Colton song “Future Soon”. Highly entertaining.

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