Way to go Myriad

So after Myriad’s post about her parents, I made one. And then my sister made one. And I was reading it, and it got me to thinking. When did my mom get like this?  I don’t remember her being this crazy. I mean, she was always moody, but not this bad.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the divorce. She really just became super bitter. Remember when she was fun? And baked cookies and bread? And let us punch down the rising bread? And let us tell her all the bad jokes we learned from Lamp Chops?

    Then remember her story of doing taxes together with Dad after the divorce and how she learned that he was saving money (but not telling her) that way? Or how in the divorce court when she was going to move back home, his argument was that “he’d never see the girls’ soccer games again” and she was like “they haven’t played soccer in years dude.”

    I dunno. Maybe she felt that she got taken advantage of, and is pissed that she can’t go back and fix her mistakes. But she is a bitter, man-hating person right now. And it makes me sad.

  2. Oh, and she was this bad before we left home. When I crashed my car and had no way of getting my stuff to school, I was intending on UPS-ing my stuff. She was convinced that shipping it with Greyhound was the right way to go and when I tried to explain that it was more expensive, she just got defensive. I explained that I had screwed up, and I was attempting to fix my mistake. Her response? “Yeah, well who’s fault is it anyway that they crashed their car?” (*cue angry glare in my direction while she’s driving) To which there can be no response, so she thinks that she’s won.

    I’ll also never forgive her for her FIRST WORDS after my accident being “You almost killed my parents”. Oh yeah, I suppose I might have given them a big shock. But nothing at all about the almost killing myself at 90 mph backwards into a tree. Nope. She never once said anything along the lines of “thank god you’re safe”. She did go on and on about how lucky I was (because I was such an idiot), and take those zillion pictures of how dead my car was. Grr.

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