in which I become a Calico Cat

So I decided to dye my hair.  I found this awesome photo: link. NOTE: the girl is kinda naked. But nothing’s showing so it’s still SFW.

I decided to add some highlights to my hair, like the girl in the photo. Some lighter, blonder highlights underneath, and then some browny reds on top.

So I got a couple different dyes. My roommate said that she would help me, but I was bored and I mean, how hard can it be right? RIGHT?

So I decided to do the blonde myself. I used this:

Revlon calls it “Honey Highlights for Medium to Dark Brown Hair.” I call it “What the hell just happened to my head?”


Really, the photos don’t do it any justice. When I first dyed it, it had a decided greenish tint out of nowhere. That rinsed out when I showered this morning. (My poor hair has been washed so many times in the past two days) I had also gotten a spot on both sides of my head, but missed the roots so it just looked like a bald spot. Today I actually went back and bleached it some more to blend out the bald spot, so now instead of spots I’ve kinda got racing stripes. But, you know, it almost looks intentional.

It actually looks pretty good in the photos. It’s not. It’s blotchy and oddly colored (but that’s probably my fault for not dying it properly. I just wanted streaky highlights! Not splotchy!) And then I realized: My hair is the same color as the cat.

(And I won’t even begin to say how long it took me to get that photo as Izzy was rolling around on the carpet trying to play with my camera wrist loop)

Ok, finally got one that actually shows how odd the color is. Sorry it’s blurry. And my hair is in a bun, so the ends are flipped up on top which is why there’s some weird shorter pieces. But here it is:

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  1. Well it looks better than the Revlon box. Their example looks horrible! In the pics, your hair looks pretty cute!

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