Happy Easter!

So I had a plan for today: I was gonna get up at 9:30, take a shower and get dressed and everything, go to Staples and buy a new desk chair, since they just went on sale today, then come back and write the three essays for my slavery class that are due today. And at some point in there I was gonna eat some ham and kielbasa and watch an episode of Warehouse 13.

Didn’t happen.

I woke up, went to go get in the shower just as my roommate got into the shower. So I had to wait. Meanwhile I checked my email and looked over my essay questions.

Took my shower, got dressed, checked my bank account before going to Staples. Someone had made a $539 purchase, and that someone wasn’t me.

Spent the next hour or so on the phone with my bank, and paypal, cancelled my debit card, flagged the transaction, etc.

Checked online to make sure Staples was open. Couldn’t get out of the driveway, so I started vaguely working on my essay. Couldn’t concentrate. Tried to open iTunes to listen to Transformers. Couldn’t open iTunes.

My roommate finally finished what she was doing and let me out of the driveway. Staples was closed. OF COURSE THEY WERE.

Came back. Still can’t concentrate. Still can’t get iTunes to open. Still can’t lean back in my chair without tipping over.

And now my tendonitis is acting up.


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