Guest Post: Written by my Cat

Life was good. My servant has been properly attentive. She pets me all the time, and even plays with that ridiculous feathered stick. Today, I was feeling a little peckish, so I went over to my dining area. The stupid human fed me, even though it was at least an hour earlier than I normally eat. I guess the concept of time is too complex for her simple brain.

I was sitting on my bed, the one I share with my human at night. She was cleaning my room, a task that was much overdue. She folded the pile of clothing, and opened the door to the room with all the shoes. (I still have not figured out why her shoes should get their own room, when she insists on sharing mine.) And then it happened.

She pulled out … the suitcase.

I inched closer to the edge of the bed so that I could watch it more carefully. These suitcases are notorious for stealing humans away. I’m not about to let that happen.

My human opened the large suitcase and pulled out another, smaller suitcase. And then she very wisely locked the large one back in the shoe room. Of course, the small ones are equally dangerous.

I had thought that she was going to put the piles of clothes into the weird boxes that she won’t let me sleep in. But then, oh no!, she put the clothes in the suitcase. That’s a lot of clothes.

At this point, I am quite exhausted from all my intense suitcase watching. I take a nap.

When I wake up again, the suitcase is closed, and the other cat is sitting on it. I don’t want her in my room, but if she sits on the suitcase it cannot take my person away. I ignore her. Even when I sit next to the suitcase and she hits me in the face with her tail repeatedly, I ignore her. The sacrifices that I make for my human.

But as soon as that suitcase is gone, that cat is gonna get it.

Sigh. I really hope that the suitcase does not take my person away. I mean, my food dish is empty. Who will feed me if she is gone?

I swear, if this suitcase steals my human, I will not rest until I see it dead and OHMIGOD IT’S A DANGLY THING I MUST VANQUISH IT.

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5 Things That Make Me Happy

this post is for Myriad, who asked what makes us happy.

In no particular order:

1. Disney Movies

2. Musicals

3. Planning Car Trips (to get back to NY!!)

Not sure if I’m the rabbit or the lion, or who the third person in the car is

4. Naps

5. Purring cats

Yeah, this is kinda random, but all true. Also, I kinda want to see Rock of Ages again. I liked it!

Also like tumblr, coloring books, dancing, froyo, zoos, stickers … I like a lot of stuff

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also, according to my roommate, apparently my face was quite epic. I shall try to recreate it for you Myriad when I actually get the K-gator.

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So I made some Loki shoes. Cause I could.

Here’s my shoes.

And here’s a reference picture. Yes, it’s a toy, but it’s accurate.

I’ve got laces for them, but the shoes aren’t dry yet. I’m gonna make the laces diagonal to get that sorta criss-cross look like the leather on the front of Loki’s outfit.

EDIT: with laces!


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Camp Nanowrimo

So Camp Nanowrimo is not going as well as I hoped, but it is basically going as well as I expected. I’ve got 5500ish words, but I should have 13,333 today. Oops. Somehow I’m just not as into it as I am in November. Also, since I’m continuing a story, I’m already at the hard part, I don’t get that fun starting a new story feeling.

I’m still gonna keep working at it, see how far I get, but I don’t think I’ll actually get 50K.

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Camp Nanowrimo

It’s officially June! Which means that Camp Nanowrimo has started!

I guess I should go write …

but maybe I’ll take a nap first.

This is not going to go well.

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