I was getting a bit bored with the scene that I’m writing right now, so today I decided to do a little editing. I went through and tried to figure out what words I use too much and should try to cut back on.

Note, the file that I’m working on is about 70,300ish words.

I have used the word “said” 268 times.

I have used the word “suddenly” 58 times. Which I guess isn’t terrible, but I can still cut some of that out.

I used the word “back” 367 times. I don’t know how. This is consistently a word that I overuse. Of course, doing a ctrl+f for “back” will also count things like backwards and backhoe (have not used that word, but you get the idea). Still. That’s like … over 3 “back”s per page.

I’ve used the word “some” 124 times. Eh…

And I’ve used the word “then” 268 times. As in, they did this, then they did that. Whoops.

So I’m starting with suddenly, cause there aren’t too many of them. To fix all the “said”s I think I’m gonna just have to reread it and go through line by line and start changing things.

Back … will probably still be everywhere, let’s be honest.

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