So, I’ve been having a really hard time coming up with an ending for my novel. I basically just kept adding scenes and being like, “well, then this could happen, and then this …”, but I couldn’t come up with a way to resolve things.

Well, I think I’ve figured it out. I’m just … not going to resolve everything, if that makes sense. I’ll just leave it kinda open-ended.

And the craziest thing about my plan? The guy does not get the girl. Which is not really all that crazy, but for me, my characters always get together. So for them to not get together? Unresolved tension? What is this nonsense?

Anyway, this ending may not work. The open-ended ones are always kinda frustrating. Did you ever read Monster Blood Tattoo by D.M. Cornish? It’s a trilogy, and sooo good. But the ending? It just sorta … ends. I was like NO I WANT MOAR. It was also a really good series, so of course I want more, but you know what I mean.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s better to have things left open to the imagination.

Well, I guess I’ll put this ending in, and then if my beta readers hate it, I’ll change it. Somehow.

I guess it’s back to work for now!

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  1. Are we talking, “the guy does not get the girl…yet,” or “nope sorry we’re never going to talk again?”

    • “the guy does not get the girl … yet.” Psh. She still loves him. Fer some reason.

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