November Due Dates

November 1: Nanowrimo Starts

November 1: Storyline project due for museum studies

November 9: Museum reception

November 19: Paper outline due for archaeology

November 20: Leading discussion in linguistics; final project concept due for museum studies; modeling concept project due for museum studies

November 21-24: Dad and T in town, Thanksgiving

November 28-December 2: Teslacon, in WI

December 3: Final paper due for archaeology

December 4: Final paper due for linguistics, presentations for linguistics

I can do this, right? It’s only 50,000 words, after all.

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It’s getting close to November

I keep looking ahead at all the stuff I’m going to have to do next month … this is going to be a really difficult nano year!! Ah!! I still haven’t even fully plotted out my novel, which … I don’t know if I should, because sometimes my stories take on a new direction when I start writing.  I do, at least, know how it’s going to end. And begin, which is more important.

I have been so busy lately, yet I feel like I haven’t really been doing anything. It’s weird.

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