A bit early

So, I don’t know why, but last night as I was trying to go to sleep I started thinking about this summer.

First of all, my car needs to be inspected in July. In New York. So at some point in time, probably in July, I will have to drive home to New York so that at the very least I can get my car inspected so I’m not driving an illegal vehicle.

But if (I guess when) I do that, what will I do with my cat? Should I take the cat with me? I’ve been in a car with her once and she wasn’t too excited about it. But maybe if I start taking her in the car on drives around the town, like just pop her in her carrier in the backseat while I drive over to Panera’s drive-through or something, just to show her that not all car rides end in the vet, maybe then she’ll calm down more and be okay with the car. Maybe.

Last year, we left Haley at my house. And that was … well … Haley tended to get angry when left alone. I don’t remember if she had messed up my room on that occasion, but I’m fairly certain she did because that was just how she rolled.

Nika is better, I think, in that I don’t think she’s going to pee on my bed when I leave the house, but she is EVEN MORE NEEDY. I would feel terrible about leaving her alone.

So the real question would be if my roommate H is going to be around, or if she’s going to be out doing her research somewhere. Because if she’s there, and willing to look after the cat, then no problem! If not …

Of course, if I bring the cat to NY, that severely limits the road trip possibilities. I can’t exactly stop at EnterTRAINment Junction or Grandpa’s Cheese Barn if there’s a cat sweltering in the backseat. Maybe I should buy her a harness and call her my therapy cat or something. I’d be willing to carry her everywhere. Or get one of those fancy dog purses like Paris Hilton? Genius plan. But EJ has a roller coaster now. And a new funhouse. Sigh.

And then, once I get past the whole cat problem, there’s the whole planning the trip nonsense. I still need to find a class to take this summer, and hopefully I can find one that will allow me to go to NY at some point. Cause otherwise my car is screwed.

And then I’d have to figure out when I was going to visit dad and when I was going to visit mom and when I was going out to my college and make sure I have time to see my grandparents and blah blah blah.

Why does NY have to be so far away?

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  1. Stupid geography.

    Also, if my summer courses and your summer course match up, I will totally accompany you on your roadtrip of doom (don’t you love how I’m just inviting myself along). Not sure how that helps, Nika-wise, other than that I can snuggle with her while you ride the roller coaster at Entertrainment Junction?

  2. I had to be so careful to not write “we” when talking about driving because I didn’t want to just ASSUME that you’d go with me. But I kinda did.

    Also, it’s a mini-roller coaster. As in … model train sized with mini people and everything.

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