So yesterday the funding letters went out from our department. My roommate did not get any funding. But guess who did? My landlord. Which means he’s moving back to town. WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO MOVE OUT.

So. At some point in time this summer, I have to drive to NY. I know I have to do this, because I need to get my car inspected. It’s the law. I’ll have to take at least a week to do that, since it’s a two day drive there and two days back. I want to take two weeks, so I’ll have time to relax.

If I take two weeks (monday-friday with one weekend included), that’ll give me one week back in IL before I go abroad.

Well, my move-out date is August 1st. I’m out of the country until August 3rd. Which means I have to pack up all my shit and be ready to move out BEFORE I LEAVE FOR MY VACATION.

Which means that I need to come back from NY, and in that one week pack up all my shit, pack for a trip to England/Scotland/Wales, work about 4o hours that week to make up for all my lost time, AND I need to be taking a class over the summer, so I’ll have to work on that, as well.

This is gonna be GREAT.

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