Cliffhangers are SO ANNOYING

So there’s this one series of books that I really like. It’s by Kristen Britain, and it’s called the Green Rider series.

 It’s about this girl, Karigan, who feels the “call” and becomes a Green Rider. They are messengers for the King, but they also can be used as spies, can fight in the wars, and in Karigan’s case, end up meeting all sorts of gods and legends, crossing dimensions, travelling through time, etc. All riders have a little bit of magic, but they only get to have one skill. One woman can change her shape, so she can appear as anyone she wants. She gets to be a spy a lot. One guy can see in the dark. Some people can communicate to each other telepathically, even across long distances. And Karigan gets to cross between this world and the next, sometimes travelling into the past, seeing ghosts, etc. Each book she ends up doing something more ridiculously awesome than the last book, and the books themselves are very well written. Love them.

There’s just one problem. They take forever to come out!! I was so excited that the fourth book in the series had come out, and I ordered it right away, and then read it all at once. I was waiting for the internet people to come and set up my internet, so I had to hang around the house doing nothing, so I just read all day, and then I ended up finishing the book.

And then I discovered that there will be a fifth book. Which would be totally awesome, if it didn’t end with Karigan in mortal peril (not really a first for her, I admit). And I have a feeling that I know where she is and what’s going to happen, but who knows when I will find out for sure? The author’s webpage says that she is currently working on the next book, but she has no idea when it will come out. So frustrating.

Anyway, everyone should definately read these books. Because they rock. Super awesome fantasy novels. Just be forewarned, there is a major major cliffhanger waiting for you at the end of book 4. 😦

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So much to do, so much time, so little enthusiasm

So last Saturday I came out to our camp. It’s a small house on a lake, and we’ve got a boat and a jetski. I came out for the fourth of July, and we set off almost $200 of fireworks, which was awesome! This coming Saturday is my cousin C’s birthday, and she had told me that she was going to have a party out at camp, so I planned on staying the whole week, instead of going home and then going back to camp the next weekend. Since I knew that I would be alone at camp during the week, I brought a couple of books, my knitting, and my laptop, thinking that I would get a lot done on my story.

Well, that didn’t happen.

I came out on Saturday. My friend was out Sunday and Monday, and we hung out and went on a boat ride and I got super burned. My back actually started peeling today, and most of my nose peeled yesterday, which is good because it means that I’m less of a raccoon than I was. On Tuesday, we took our jetski out and went to visit some cousins on another lake. That was fun, even if I really didn’t know most of the people there. I just assumed that everyone was a cousin of some kind and left it at that.

While we were there, my younger cousin, A and her friend B asked me if they could stay out at camp with me during the week. I said sure, and it didn’t really take too long to convince my aunt to let them stay. And thank god, because I would probably be dead from boredom by now. They were out Wednesday and Thursday. We hung out, played with boondoggle, dragged out the old barbies (we had to wash them cause they were musty from being in the camper), and tanned. Thursday we went on a boat ride for a bit, stopped and went swimming, etc. We had a fire on Wednesday night, too, and told crappy ghost stories from this old book that we had. But we had a really good time.

Meanwhile, my cousin C decided that she’s not coming to camp for her birthday. So I stayed up here for nothing. Thanks.

Yesterday I started reading my books while I was tanning. The first one was by Sabrina Jeffries, and it was really good. She’s my favorite romance novel author (other than Barbara, of course!). The second one, however, sucked. I only got it because the main guy had the same last name as me, and it was in the title of the book. But the plot was awful, the writing was pretty bad, and the characters were really weirdly bipolar. For example, the guy would be angry and leave his new wife alone for days without any word, then suddenly show up and be like “hello, my love,” and then kiss and be happy for a couple days until he left her again. Like, what? It was bad.

So A and B left early this morning, and I was by myself today. I slept until 1. Then I got up, ate some lunch, went for a jetski ride, and then sat down to work on my story. So far I’ve written about 700 words. And played about 10 games of Mahjongg. I’m getting very good at that game. (I’m at an in-between scene again, can you tell?)

Some of my dad’s friends are coming out tonight (actually they just got here) so I’ll have to be sociable again. Thankfully they all play pitch.

Oooh, I almost forgot: on Tuesday we went to the outlet mall, and I got a new bathing suit! It’s a halter top, but one of the ones that covers your stomach, too. And the bottom is a skirt one. They don’t really match, but they’re all blues, so it looks ok together. But then I was mix-and-matching, and the new top matches my old bottom PERFECTLY. Like, I couldn’t have planned that it matches so well. It’s awesome!

Anyway, I gotta go before my dad yells at me for not saying hi to our guests. 😛

(My dad has a droid phone, which has a mobile 3G hotspot, which is how I’m posting this. It’s like my new favorite thing.)

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New Podcast Idea

My friend was visiting this past week, and yesterday we drove out to this used bookstore. It’s awesome. Basically, it’s a barn, three stories high, with shelves shoved everywhere and covered with books. Most of the books are only $1, but there’s also a bunch of books that cost more, including a ton of first editions. We wandered about for an hour, and I got a few books. I got one book called Love Letters: an Anthology of Passion. It’s sooo cute! It’s full of quotes and snippets of plays and poems about love, and has a bunch of facsimiles of real historical love letters, with a little history about the relationship of the people who wrote/received it.

My favorite quote: “I will come back alive & as deep in love with you as a cormorant dives, as an anemone grows, as Neptune breathes, as the sea is deep.” -Dylan Thomas, a Welsh writer, to his wife Caitlin, around April 5, 1950.

As we were driving out to the store, we were listening to some music in the car, and Sonata Arctica’s Still Loving You came on. Yes, I know it’s a remake, but his voice is SOO SEXY. It’s deep and beautiful and as we’re driving I told my friend that I wanted that voice to tell me bedtime stories.

She agreed, so that’s when we decided to make our new podcast: men with sexy deep voices reading bedtime stories and/or erotica. (The erotica was her idea, not mine) But I figure that I can’t be the only person to ever think of this. I know that there are facebook groups called “I want Alan Rickman to read me bedtime stories”. Sadly, I couldn’t immediately find any podcasts on the itunes store, and I don’t really want to spend a ton of time looking for it.

If you know of a podcast with sexy deep voices, let me know!!

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It is officially November!! Which means that it’s NANOWRIMO TIME!

For those of you who don’t know (tsk tsk) November is NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth, or Nanowrimo for short. The goal is to try to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.

Two years ago I started about a week before the end of the month (hadn’t heard of it before) and got 30,000 words in that one week. I was CRAZY. Of course, I was also just rewriting/editing something that I had written years ago, so it wasn’t too hard.

Last year, I wrote a Barbara Cartland novel. I started on time, finished on time, and actually hit 50,000 words. Wow. And my novel was FABULOUS if I do say so myself. I mean, really. I should get it published.

This year, I’m writing the story of Persephone and Hades as a romance novel. It should be fun. I had actually started before, but then last night, once it turned midnight and was officially November, I sat down to write and ended up actually doing research for it. is a fabulous reference, because it has all of the gods and myths, referenced by the actual classical texts. This way, I can find out all the little details, for example, the names of the nymphs that were friends with Persephone, and then I don’t have to make it all up. (Leukippe and Phaino and Elektra and Ianthe, Melita also and Iakhe with Rhodea and Kallirhoe and Melobosis and Tykhe and Okyrhoe, fair as a flower, Khryseis, Ianeira, Akaste and Admete and Rhodope and Plouto and charming Kalypso; Styx too was there and Ourania and lovely Galaxaura) Of course, as I was doing my research I realized that I needed to change some stuff in the two pages that I had already written, so now I’m going to start over.

Well, first I need to do my homework. I just wrote my commentary, I need to translate a section of Latin and prepare to meet with my professor tomorrow, and then I have a lecture/class tonight. After that my Greek class (sans the slowest reader in the world) is going to meet to read through the Greek as a means of studying for our quiz tomorrow. Then, if I make it home before midnight, I can start actually working on my novel. Maybe. Or I might just fall asleep, we’ll have to see how things turn out.

However, it’s getting to crunch time here, and Nanowrimo is not going to help anything. This will be the month of little to no sleep and barely making deadlines (oh wait, I do that anyway). So I may not be able to post that often on here. On the other hand, I may actually post excerpts from my novel, so it might be worthwhile to check!! Oh, and Dea, I’m gonna have a post especially for you, so just you wait!! 😀

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It’s fall break right now, which means that we don’t have class on Monday or Tuesday. (Not for Columbus Day, I’m sure, as our school loves to make us go to class on national holidays) But every time we have a break, I always tell myself that I’ll get all my work done early, maybe even get ahead in some of my classes!  Does that happen? Of course not.

Since I got out of class on Friday, I have read one book, one story, and hundreds of pages of a webcomic (literally 4 years of it so far), and watched four episodes of Firefly, three episodes of Primeval, and two movies. And I took a nap yesterday. So far today, I have … gotten up. I just got dressed, and it’s 12:25. I am being very productive.

So what do I have to do? Well, I have a lot of readings for my seminar that I need to do, even though I don’t have that class this coming week. I have to get through 8 sections of Greek, and four sections of Latin. The Latin I’m eventually going to have to present to the class, so I need to do well on it. And I have a lot of work for a professor that I need to do. Oh, and then there’s the fact that I’m taking the GRE on Friday and should maybe think about studying for it …

I would love to be able to get ahead of all of my homework, and just keep up with it so that I stay ahead of the class, so that I can do basically nothing in November. I have every intention of trying Nanowrimo again this year, and I will need all the time I can get.

Last November, I wrote a Barbara Cartland novel. For those of you who don’t know who Barbara Cartland is … she wrote hundreds (like over 600) romance novels, that were all the same. Like, literally. The guy was a Duke/Earl/Marquis/Lord who was tall and strong and handsome and usually arrogant, and the girl was usually poor and blond and blue eyed with a heart shaped face, and she always managed to get into some sort of dire straits, and the Duke/Earl/Marquis/Lord helped her out, they fell in love and got married. The end. And unlike most romance novels today, there were no steamy sex scenes. The most they did was kiss, and if they did have sex, they were already married, and Barbara never actually wrote it out in the book. World’s most innocent romance novels ever.

They’re awful. And I love them.

So last year I wrote my own version, and made it sound as though Barbara herself had written it, if I do say so myself. I was quite proud of it, and I hit 50K words in Novemeber. Yay!

This year, however, I’m writing the story of Persephone and Hades as a romance novel, and I think it will take a lot longer to write than my little Barbara novel did. So I’d like to get ahead of my work before November, so that I have as much time as possible to write my novel, but I know it’s not going to work, and I’m going to spend all my time trying to work on it and ignoring my homework, or I’ll actually do my homework and never finish the novel. (Plan A sounds like more fun)

In any case, November will be a busy month. Until then, I’ve still got about 5 seasons of Stargate Atlantis and one and a half seasons of Primeval to watch before class on Wednesday. I am optimistic about this.

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Hades should be pretty!

Lately, I discovered The Webcomic List, which lists all of the webomics that are updated each day. So I’ve been going through and checking them all, to see if there are any that I’m interested in. I’m relatively picky about the drawing style, so I usually only manage to find one or two a day, even though I look at a ton of different sites.

Today I found MYth, (which read right to left). It’s a super cute style, and it’s about Greek mythology! There are three stories so far, and yeah the myths are kinda iffy, but it’s still really really cute. I loved it. The first story is Hades and Persephone, which isn’t quite the true myth … at all … buuuuuuuuuuut I’ll let it go. Read it cause it’s adorable, not cause its correct.

So then later I was on deviantart, and browsing for Hades, trying to see what other people thought he would look like (and ignoring the large number of Disney Hades fanarts) I was surprised to see so many ones that made him look like a demon! He’s a god! He should be pretty!! And by pretty I mean devilishly, devastatingly handsome and sexy. (Apollo, on the other hand, is pretty. Pretty-boy. Like Orlando Bloom as Paris in Troy) After all, Hades is still one of the Greek gods, his brothers are Zeus and Poseidon! And Zeus is a man-whore so he’s gotta at least be attractive. As a swan… um …


Hades should be attractive, not all demon-y looking.

On another note, I was having some troubles at work the other day. I made a scene of a Roman portico using 3DS Max, and then used Vue 8.0 to make trees. Well, Vue automatically decided to make it a sun, and made the sun GINORMOUS, so it looked like a giant blob. Then there was a light in the building that was shining so brightly that it went through the building and made stripes on the ground.

So I rendered it out and saved the image. (Yes, I know the building is awful, just ignore that, thanks)

We managed to fix the sun, and then when I opened the file today the racing stripes were miraculously gone, so I quickly finished it and rendered out a new image, sans-blob so that I could actually use it before the stripes came back. I’m still fairly certain that they will.

The computer has been going SO SLOWLY lately, and we don’t know what’s wrong with it, but whenever I tried to rush it, the whole computer would freeze and the screen would start flashing at me and try to give me a seizure. So I just let it do its thing and looked up webcomics.

I also got put into a new office yesterday, which was STIFLING. My fan broke today, but I think they managed to turn the temperature down, so it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I got kinda chilly, which was much more familiar, considering how cold the rest of the building is.

Anyway, I think that’s enough ramblings for tonight!! My roommates moving in tomorrow, so I should probably clean off her bed … it makes such a nice shelf, though.

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One of my professors gave my class a summer reading assignment. Since I had to go buy the book, I used it as an excuse to buy a couple of other books that I wanted to read for fun. I mean, I had to get over $25 for free shipping so …

One of the books that I got for fun is by Rick Riordan. He’s the author who wrote the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I absolutely love those books. I have a penchant for young adult books, and tend to read them a lot. I used to work in my middle school library, so I got to read all of their books, and the ones that I found interesting were all young adult books. The Percy Jackson books are soo much better than the movie could ever hope to be. Yes, it’s aimed at a younger audience than many people my age really want to deal with, but it’s actually really well-writting and funny. Percy is really sarcastic (even though he’s only 11 in the first book) and the books are really enjoyable to read. And since they’re young adult, I can read them really quickly.

The best part about the Percy Jackson series, however, is that it stays true to the myths. The whole point of the series is that Percy Jackson finds out he’s the son of a Greek god, so he goes to a camp where all the other campers are also demigods, like him, and he ends up meeting most of the gods and goddesses and having to go on epic quests and have all sorts of adventures. But the details from myths are all accurate, which is AWESOME!! A book series pertaining to Classics that’s actually right? Yeah!

That was one of my biggest problems with the movie, actually. They changed the storyline to make it better for the movie, which normally I would be ok with, but they put Persephone in Hades on the summer solstice!!! No! The whole myth of Persephone is that she was kidnapped by Hades, and while she was in the Underworld she ate 6 pomegranate seeds, so she is required to spend six months of the year there. During those six months, her mother, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, mourns for her daughter and won’t let anything grow, which is why we have winter. SHE IS NOT THERE IN THE SUMMER. Ahem.

Anyway, the new Rick Riordan book that I got is called Red Pyramid, and it’s a similar concept, but all of the myths that are used are the ancient Egyptian myths. I am soo excited about this. I always loved ancient Egypt, and since I loved the Percy Jackson series, I should enjoy this one, too.

The second book that I bought is by James Rollins, who is my favorite author. He writes action-adventure type novels, and they always have some sort of archaeological aspect to them. They’re also usually kinda weird. For instance, the last one I read, Subterranean, involved a group of people who had children by parthenogenesis, so they were all biologically the same exact person, and their cells were shaped like buckyballs, which means they could make themselves invisible. Not one of his more believable stories.

Most of his other ones are better, though. He has a series about the Sigma Force, which is a special ops team, and they’re pretty awesome. I really love his books, and I hope this new one is good.

Also, James Rollins friended me on facebook. He friended me. I’m very proud of that fact. (I became a fan of his page, and then he friended me. Still cool.)

Finally, the last book is the one required for my course. The book is A Murder on the Appian Way by Steven Saylor, and it’s surprisingly good. I was kinda worried that it would be terrible and I’d be forced to plow my way through it. It’s a murder mystery that revolves around the death of Clodius. Many people thought that Milo killed him, but Cicero defended Milo in his speech, Pro Milone, which I have to read for my Roman Oratory class (hence the summer assignment). Saylor’s book is really good, though, at least as far as I’ve gotten, and I would definately recommend it to anyone who is interested in ancient Rome. He’s got other books in the same series, and I’m kinda tempted to read those, as well.

First though, I have to finish all the new books that I have. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I have a big paper due. I’ll suddenly get the urge to read a book or clean my room or something, anything to put off the actual paper. That’s the way it always works, isn’t it?

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