Reasons to watch the avengers:

1. Tom Hiddleston

2. Captain America is like the perfect human.

3. RDJ is super sassy.

4. Look at Hawkeye’s arms man. His arms….

5. “Phil? His first name is Agent.”

6. Chris Hemsworth.

7. Scarlett Johansen (which I totally spelled wrong but hey look it’s Hawkeye again)

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Super 8

So, I saw super 8 last night. And it was … interesting. I think I liked it. But then the ending was stupid, which kinda ruined the whole thing.

I had a couple issues with the alien though. (You should know by know that there’s an alien in it, so hopefully that’s not a spoiler) First of all, it looked like a cross between the demon from Constantine and something that Guillermo del Toro made up. References: from Constantine and from Hellboy.

Also, it wrapped people up and hung them from the ceiling, like the spidery creature thing in Stephen King’s IT.

Then, the movie itself was mostly quiet, but there were a couple scenes that were SO FREAKING LOUD that you just wanted to leave the theater so your ears would stop hurting.

I saw the movie with my friend, and I’m fairly certain we were those assholes who talked through the whole thing. I tried to keep my voice down. Didn’t always work. 😀

(That smiley reminds me: I really hate it when people make their smileys face the other way. A smile is : ) it is NOT (: because that is just wrong. Smileys should face to the right. As in turned couterclockwise, not the other way around.)

So… I think I would reccommend Super 8, but it also would be totally fine to wait until it’s in a redbox somewhere.

Movies I want to see: Cowboys and Aliens, Harry Potter, possibly Captain America
Movies I’m going to see and no one is going to stop me: Transformers 3 (June 29th!!! OMG it’s in like a week!!!)

Writing: currently at 18794, didn’t get 1000 words yesterday and I’m too lazy to do the math.

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Canada is huge.

So this weekend I’ll be going to Montreal or Quebec, I really can’t remember which (yay Canadia). The Chinese terracotta soldiers are on tour … in whichever city it is … and my mom and I are going. And probably her boyfriend as well, but I really hope not if only so that I don’t have to sit in the backseat of a two door car for the entire ride there and back, because I get carsick.

So while I was on facebook, I noticed that Jeffrey Straker, a super awesome singer/songwriter/pianist was going to be performing on Saturday. Somewhere in Canadia. So I thought to myself, how awesome would it be if I could go see him perform while we were in Canadia, since he bailed on the Steampunk World’s Fair and I didn’t get to see him then? (EDIT: Apparently he wasn’t allowed into the country, so it’s totally not his fault, it’s the US custom’s fault.) So I looked it up in google maps, since my geography is absolutely terrible, and I had never heard of the city that he was performing in anyway. Naturally, it’s somewhere north of MONTANA. I am nowhere near Montana. I am going nowhere near the place near Montana. So I can’t go see him perform, le sigh.

On a completely different note, I finished watching Band of Brothers yesterday. It is FANTASTIC. It’s an absolutely amazing series about one company of Paratroopers in WWII. Their first jump was Normandy, if that gives you some idea of how intense this was. At the beginning of every episode, they have interviews with the guys who survived and are still living today, and then at the end of the last episode they give their names so you can see who they are. It’s awesome. I definitely recommend this to everyone. Note that it is an HBO series, so there is blood and gore, but only when necessary (it is a war, people do get hurt) and I think there was one sex scene, kinda just thrown in there randomly. (Hey, it’s HBO, let’s have a SEX SCENE!!) So yeah, go watch it. 10 episodes, each one about 70 minutes long.

Writing Update:
Yesterday: 965/1000
Yesterday Total: 7035/7000

I noticed that Myriad has been updating at the end of the day, but hey when I’m done I go to bed, so I’ll be off by a day with my statuses.

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More Eye Candy!!

So lately I’ve been watching a lot of TV. And by a lot I do mean A LOT. But the men are just so pretty …

First I started watching Doctor Who. Which is fabulous. (or should I say fantastic?) I may or may not have watched the first four seasons in one week (HINT: I did). So I started out with Doctor 9, Christopher Eccleston, who I do not think is very attractive, but we’ll throw him in here anyway.

Then was Doctor 10, the one and only David Tennant. And he’s kinda gorgeous.

And a more serious photo:

These two doctors also got to run around with Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.

He later got his own spin-off show, called Torchwood, which is not as good as Doctor Who, but was still pretty decent. I may or may not have watched that, too.

And there’s one more photo that I found that basically sums up a big part of his character.

I also really kinda love the way he looked in the Producers. He was the lead tenor in Springtime for Hitler, so he was a Nazi, and he was gorgeous (although Myriad does not agree with me). His voice is ALSO gorgeous.

The next doctor, Matt Smith, is not as attractive, and I really don’t like him as much as the Doctor … but I guess it’s not terrible.

After finishing off Doctor Who and Torchwood, I started watching Psych. It’s hilarious. It’s a fantastic show. The main character, Shawn, pretends to be a psychic in order to help the police solve crimes, and then he goes and opens a psychic detective agency with his friend, Gus. It’s a really funny show, but the comedy really isn’t forced and the plots are pretty good. And it helps that Shawn (James Roday) is a very attractive man.

I feel like the pictures don’t do him justice. As Myriad says: it’s the swagger. You have to actually watch him. His character is super obnoxious but at the same time kinda attractive. Really don’t know why.

But anyway, that’s what I’ve been watching lately. Not terribly much, just … 5 seasons of Doctor Who, 3 seasons of Torchwood and 4 seasons of Psych. In about a month… maybe a month and a half. I’ve been busy! Next, I need to find another show on netflix that is equally jam-packed with sexiness. I will keep you informed.

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Carefully planned TV time…

Myriad and I have been watching a lot of TV and movies lately. We have a few TV shows on DVD, and I have almost a hundred movies here (that is no exaggeration), and we have Netflix. So we try to watch something pretty often. And our movie choices usually revolve around one thing:

Sexy, sexy men.

Take, for example, Primeval. It’s a BBC show, with disappointingly short seasons … but just filled with sexiness. Just look at this sexy beast.

and the guy's not bad, either...

Oh, Andrew Lee Potts.

Our upstairs neighbors are very loud, and they’ll run around or jump or play rugby or something up there, and we’ve started calling them dinosaurs. We keep telling ourselves that it’s ok, because any minute now Andrew Lee Potts will be showing up.

You know there is something very strange when you’re not lusting after the designated sexy eye candy in the show, and instead you’re in love with the geek.

Because trust me, there is certainly sexy eye candy in this show.

Pure Sexy

Pure Sexy, aka Stephen Hart

Pure Sexy, as we like to call him, is … well … sexy. And his job seems to consist of running around in a tight t-shirt with a very large gun.

It's super effective!

Pure Sexy chooses harpoon!

  We are okay with this. We also like to watch Stargate Atlantis.

John Sheppard (Joe Flannigan)

And of course, we couldn’t forget Castle…

He really is ruggedly handsome

Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle

And when we watch movies, we like to watch chick flicks … like the Jane Austin Book Club. Which had a super cute guy in it.

And I just finished watching Princess Diaries 2, which isn’t a very good movie, but hey, it’s got Chris Pine in it.

He’s also one of my favorite parts of the new Star Trek movie. Love those eyes.

And just yesterday we ended up watching a million (possibly exaggerated) YouTube videos, which degenerated into funny clips of Doctor Who. And John Barrowman. Who is very attractive. (and gay, but hey, I can still look at him)

I personally loved him in Producers when he was blond (he was the lead tenor), but Myriad disagrees with me. CRAZY.

Anyway, so that is the hot man recap of the past weekend. Well, Castle is on Mondays, but the rest was over the weekend. Which really makes it seem like we have no life …. which might be true … If it makes things worse, I also saw RED and Despicable Me, which were both awesome. And RED did have Karl Urban in it ….

Aaaaaaaaand I think I’m done!

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Top hats make you sexy.

At the beginning of this month, I signed up for a free trial of Netflix. My roommate and I decided that we should each get a free trial, so we can get two months free (maybe three if we can get our other roommate to agree to it, as well) before we agree to pay for it. Netflix is kinda awesome, in that they have a ton of movies, and there’s a bunch of movies that you can view online. Which leads me to my next point.

Netflix is the worst procrastination tool ever. It’s worse than Sporcle. I spend a while looking around for something to watch, and then when I’ve found a movie, I watch it. And since most of my homework requires the use of the computer, I can’t do anything while I watch the movie … it’s not a very good system.

Last week, my roomates and I watched Alice, the syfy miniseries version of Alice in Wonderland. And it was wonderful, we absolutely loved it. That may have had something to do with the fact that Hatter was SO DAMN SEXY! (And Jack was gorgeous as well!) And it wasn’t just that Hatter was facially/physically attractive, but it was also his character, who you just wanted to give him his damn hug! (If you’ve seen the series, you’ll understand what I mean.)

 you know you want him

Well, after the movie, we ended up on youtube, looking at fanvids of the characters, which led us to this (spoiler alert!!). There are a ton of those fanvids out there, but this is by far the best. And since it’s so short, we can totally watch it a million times (not that we’d do that … *coughcough).

EDIT: that video was taken down off of youtube. We all cried…

But I was thinking today about this, and browsing netflix, and I realized that there are a lot of different versions of Alice in Wonderland. I was actually surprised how many different versions there are. I can’t think of any one story that has been remade as many times, other than maybe Cinderella.

So now I’m kinda tempted to rewrite some classic story. I feel like it would be a lot harder than one would expect. Because it’s not like you can just rewrite the same storyline. It needs to have the same characters, but you can’t rely on that, you still need to have character exposition, and you need to give them their own personalities that’s unique to your own version. The storyline has to be basically the same, but still different enough to set your version apart from all the others. So it would be difficult, but I am really tempted to try. Only thing to figure out is what story I want to rewrite!

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