Right, nano…

Okay, so I’m not really doing nano this year, I don’t think.

I’m only halfway to where I should be. Haven’t written in days. This is a busy year, man.

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November Due Dates

November 1: Nanowrimo Starts

November 1: Storyline project due for museum studies

November 9: Museum reception

November 19: Paper outline due for archaeology

November 20: Leading discussion in linguistics; final project concept due for museum studies; modeling concept project due for museum studies

November 21-24: Dad and T in town, Thanksgiving

November 28-December 2: Teslacon, in WI

December 3: Final paper due for archaeology

December 4: Final paper due for linguistics, presentations for linguistics

I can do this, right? It’s only 50,000 words, after all.

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Nanowrimo 12

So I have an idea for this year’s nanowrimo. I know the main characters, the basic plot, and how it will be resolved. I mean, seriously! I already know how they will solve their troubles! Usually, that’s the last thing I get to.

Anyway, so I’ve got this idea for a new nano. Still don’t have a title yet. Still don’t have a title for last year’s. (That’s a slight issue.) But, since I’m currently waiting on my beta readers, I don’t have anything really to do on nano 11. I’m not currently in classes. I’m at home, so I’m not working every day. I have nothing to do.

It has been really difficult to not just start writing. But I have to wait for november.

So, I’ve started figuring out the characters, and when I’m done with that I’m going to plot out the whole novel.

This may be my easiest Nano yet, if I get everything done!

Also, it’s a YA novel, so really easy to write, too!

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Camp Nanowrimo

So Camp Nanowrimo is not going as well as I hoped, but it is basically going as well as I expected. I’ve got 5500ish words, but I should have 13,333 today. Oops. Somehow I’m just not as into it as I am in November. Also, since I’m continuing a story, I’m already at the hard part, I don’t get that fun starting a new story feeling.

I’m still gonna keep working at it, see how far I get, but I don’t think I’ll actually get 50K.

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This novel will kill me before it is through…

Ok, so I haven’t worked on my novel at all since the last time I mentioned it on this blog. My word count is currently at 56,630, and most of it is crap. I insist on being brutally honest with myself. I pretty much suck. But it’s such a good idea, I think, and I’m totally capable of writing well, I just end up rambling and spewing out nonsense.

I vaguely know how I want to end my novel, but I’m not entirely sure how to get there. I’m writing an in-between scene that will get me to an in-between scene which will lead to the end. Which may end rather abruptly, cause I’m not sure how to do that little resolution bit at the end. I’d really rather not have it end as a “and they all lived happily ever after” but it kinda wants to go that way. MUST NOT LISTEN.

I feel like the scene that I’m writing now is completely unnecessary, but at the same time I need it to explain how the character gets to the final scene. I know that I need to cut out a lot and just restart from wherever I left off writing well, but I’m afraid to go backwards.

Dea, Myriad, I may actually have to ask you to read it. I know, it’s crazy, and I’m not done yet, I just really need help from someone. Dea has read all my crappy crappy writing since the very beginning, so at least she would be able to notice that I’ve improved since that story I wrote about the pirate when I was in middle school. (Which I then rewrote much improved for my first nano.) Myraid though … I don’t think you’ve actually read anything of mine. So it’s kinda scary. You might hate it. What if you hate it? I promise not to let it ruin our friendship 😛

Really seriously, though, I need your help. Do you have the time and the desire to read an incomplete novel, tear it to pieces, and tell me what scenes I need to take out of the ending so that I can move on? I will of course give you the basicest (yes, that’s not a word) outline of how the ending should happen, so you can tell what will be necessary to keep and what is completely superfluous shit that needs to be eradicated immediately. It’s currently 90 pages long. Let me know, please!!

On a completely unrelated note, I have come to the conclusion that this blog is basically just a diary addressed to you two, cause I think you’re the only ones who read it. Of course, I don’t put any tags on any of my posts, so I’m sure that’s not helping …

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Giant Blog Post of Doom

So, here are all the random quotes and hilarity that occured while I was at Myriad’s house. Just a quick post, then I need to get back to my novel!

M: That’s not a TV. It’s a piano.

(I would like to point out that I did not call it a TV, she was just having trouble finding the word)

K: Well that was exciting. Let’s never do it again. (When I broke her internet)

K: Hey look, a cheerio! This was mine. (Yup. And then I ate it)

M: And then this person invaded my home and broke my internet.
K: Technically I was let in.
M: And then this person abused my trust and broke my internet.

M: I’m sorry. I’m being confusing. By trying to get oxygen. (She was having trouble breathing, so kept taking these weird deep breaths.)

M: Ok. Write or die. Writing or dying. What the hell am I doing?
K: Dying.
M: Well, there is that.

K: ‘Hey, sexy lady, I’m a snake charmer want to charm my snake?’
M: Has anyone actually used that line before?
K: I don’t know but someone should.
… Hang on, I need to write that down.

K: You left your uterus out here. (No comment.)

K: What is that pink thing? Is that a lobster?
M: I’m not exactly sure.
K: Does it have whiskers?
M: Yeah. The little one has those, too!

K: Do you want a peanut bus?
M: Yes. (Oh, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade…)

K: That’s what brown sugar is for. Candying shit.

K: She could receive a message about dolphins. Or elephants in tutus … it was the first thing that came to mind. Ballerina elephants! Like in Fantasia!

K: Do you feel good or feel well?
M: You feel well. You feel good if you’re helping the poor or-
K: TIGER! (picks up tiger stuffed animal and shoves it in M’s face)
M: That’s a tiger. If you were wondering.

M (sees me typing): Oh, I heard spider …

M: You’re over 36,000. You whore.

M: Bet that you live, because either you die and you don’t care …
K: Or your computer freezes and no one will know. (Babylon 5 movie)

K: What is she doing?
M: That’s her battle cry.
K: That’s a terrible battle cry.
M: It’s not my battle cry. (Same movie)

M: The dolphin has been inserted, by the way.
K: That just sounds so wrong! (I made a bet that she had to write a dolphin in her novel)

K: Let me shigoogle this. (shigoogle)

K: Will you love me forever?
M: Probably?
K: Ok. Just checking.

K: I was aware that it was a moose a while ago, I just suddenly had the urge to shout it. (She kept doing puzzles, and one was a moose)

M: Dear lord, what are we listening to? The Dark and Endless Dalek Night. Ok, that makes sense.

M: Fuck this duck. It’s a swan. (Also a puzzle)

K: I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with Seymour now that I have him. (Myriad randomly told me to put a stowaway named Seymour in my novel. So I did.)

M: K, psychedelic monkey in your story NOW.

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Last Day …

Since it’s Thanksgiving vacation, I came to visit Myriad. It’s been exciting. A friend of mine drove to Chicago, so I rode with her. And the 5.5 hour drive ended up taking like 8 hours. We got turned around at one point and drove in the wrong direction for AN HOUR before we noticed. That was exciting. Yeah. Then I got to take a bus to Myriad’s, which was really kinda awesome. It was a double decker bus, with wi-fi and outlets and the entire roof was a skylight. Of course, I got on the bus at 11pm, so I couldn’t see anything out the skylight, but I imagine it would be awesome in the daytime. I got in a 2am, pretty much just got to Myriad’s house and then went to bed. So the next morning, when I went downstairs, I was NOT expecting Myriad to shove a hospital bracelet at me and tell me that she had gone to the ER the night before. I mean, how much trouble can you get in in the 8 hours that I was sleeping, right?

Anyway, that morning (Wednesday) we got up, went downstairs, and I promptly broke her internet. Trying to connect, my computer decided to reconfigure it, and then the “home” network suddenly became the “Fred-PC” network, because my computer is named Fred (I didn’t name it), and no one could get on. We did eventually manage to get it fixed, but then everyone else had some troubles getting onto the internet. And somehow we managed to hide the whole incident from Myriad’s father. Whoo!

Thanksgiving was … uh … well, we ate dinner with her grandmother and great aunt. Some of it was ok, and then some of it was … oh my god get me out of here. But we survived. Myriad was almost taken out by the gravy boat.

Yesterday we went to some little boutiques and I bought a couple Christmas presents for my roommates, and something for Dea, something that she doesn’t know about, in addition to the spice set that I’m gonna get her. And then we basically sat around the house working on our Nanos. We did watch a Babylon 5 movie which was … very Sci-fi. That’s really all I got about that. We both got a ton of work done on our Nanos, though, and now I’m only 1 day behind instead of like 4.

This morning I wandered downstairs, took a shower, and then wandered back into Myriad’s room, where we started talking about old computer games like Math Blaster Mystery, Dr. Brain, and King’s Quest. The really fun thing that we discovered is that their intros and playthroughs are on youtube, so we watched that for a bit. Eventually today we’re going to go see Puss in Boots, which is supposed to be good.

There’s just one problem: I leave tomorrow morning! 😦 I don’t wanna go! I wish Thanksgiving was longer … I really don’t want to go back to school and I don’t want to leave.

Next time, Myriad has to come to ME.

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Day … uh … what’s the date? 10. Day 10.

Wordle: nano again

Check it out! The word “back” isn’t the second largest word, anymore! I’ve been trying to use it less. So if you had to guess what my novel was about, based on this word cloud, what would you think?

I went to a write in on Tuesday. And I was kinda disappointed. I feel like most of the people there were super immature, and the rest were writing their novels out by hand. It was … interesting. I did get a ton a words written, though, which was good because yesterday I didn’t even write 500 words, but I’m still on track.

Ugh, I have so much work to do. I need to write a 10 page paper for my linguistics class, analyze a five minute conversation, including noting pauses to the 10th of a second, and write a paper for another class, that really has no page limit, it’s just write it until I’m done writing. Not looking forward to it. And in the meantime, I need to keep writing for nano. I guess I should stop watching so much tv then. Well, I’ll run out of Firefly episodes soon.

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nano day 4

I write like
Ian Fleming

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Yeah, I be badass.

Also: Wordle: nano day 4

Currently at 5505 words.

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Whoo, one day down!

Wordle: Day 1.5

Ok, so here is the wordle from my first 2500 words. (Click to embiggen) I’m kinda tempted to keep doing this every day now as a way to check my progress. In case you couldn’t tell, my main character is named Anastasia.

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