Let’s Run Away and Join the Circus

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All Quiet on the Beta Front

Hey guys, you’ve had my nano for almost a month I think. How’s it going?

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So I’m going to be going to Teslacon this year, and I’ve already started planning out my outfit. One of them, anyway. And it is gonna look super classy.

I’ve got the black bustle skirt that my sister made, and a black jacket that looks kinda like a Victorian riding jacket. The skirt is a bit big, if I recall, so I’ll have to take it in. I bought some fabric to make a sash, which will also help to hide any gathers that I take in.

For the sash, I bought two fabrics: one is called Cathay Spice, and the other is called Wine.

And here they are next to a Pepsi bottle for color comparison, and they look less washed out. Aren’t they pretty?

Then I got bored and decided to make some medals. So I did.

This one kinda looks like an SS medal or something. I dunno.

And then these I’m going to put on the collar of my jacket, because it’s got a mandarin collar.

I’m also going to make a hat. Eventually. Pics of that when I get around to it!

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Nanowrimo 12

So I have an idea for this year’s nanowrimo. I know the main characters, the basic plot, and how it will be resolved. I mean, seriously! I already know how they will solve their troubles! Usually, that’s the last thing I get to.

Anyway, so I’ve got this idea for a new nano. Still don’t have a title yet. Still don’t have a title for last year’s. (That’s a slight issue.) But, since I’m currently waiting on my beta readers, I don’t have anything really to do on nano 11. I’m not currently in classes. I’m at home, so I’m not working every day. I have nothing to do.

It has been really difficult to not just start writing. But I have to wait for november.

So, I’ve started figuring out the characters, and when I’m done with that I’m going to plot out the whole novel.

This may be my easiest Nano yet, if I get everything done!

Also, it’s a YA novel, so really easy to write, too!

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Killing off a Character

So, as Myriad knows, I was contemplating deleting one of my characters. A young man named Seymour Pigeon (which of course is not his real name, but he likes it), who didn’t really have much purpose in my story.

Then I realized that he does have purpose, so I can’t get rid of him

But I still feel like I have too many characters.

I have my main girl. And then the romantic interest. And then she gets on a ship with the father-figure one, one who’s kinda like a big protective brother, one who bakes and sews, and then two that don’t really do much of anything. Eventually, Seymour Pigeon(s) shows up (I can’t remember right now if there’s an s on his name, whoops).

Later, I add the main girl’s father, grandparents, the other set of grandparents are there for like … a page … and then I add another brother and sister. The sister becomes a more main character.

So, if this were like a TV show …

Anastasia: main character

Scott: main romantic interest, but disappears for part of the season

Clyde: father figure, series regular

Owen: series regular

Jinx: was more regular before, now he’s a bit erratic

Klaus/Metzler: supporting cast. Periodically show up when I don’t want Owen doing everything.

Michael: father, recurring role

Grandparents set 1: recurring role

Grandparents set 2: non-recurring, only one episode type role

Melia: introduced late in the season, becomes series regular

Jon: introduced late, recurring role

Anyway, I think you can get the idea. I end up with an awful lot of people, but there’s not that much going on for them to be doing. So I had wanted to kill of Seymour. I do kill off Metzler. And so I was just going to kill off Seymour at the same time. But Myriad likes him.

And then I was thinking about it … maybe I should make Metzler and Klaus the same person. I mean, neither one of them does anything important (sad but true). I feel like it’s bad to have too many useless characters.

Of course, I can’t get rid of all of them, because they are on a ship, and you need a certain number of people to fly the ship, right? And where did I get this random arbitrary number? Well, you’ve got Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne, and Kaylee, so that’s 5 people, so I’ve got Clyde, Jinx, Owen, Klaus, and Metzler.

My logic. It’s astounding.

Anyway, so I’ve decided to merge Klaus and Metzler and end up with … Klatzler … no, I’ll just keep the name Metzler I think. And then I’m still going to kill him halfway through the book. But Seymour is there, so he can step in. And ta-da! All my problems are fixed!

Well, not all, but that one, anyway.

So, Myriad, you’ve read the first 78 pages. Do you think I could easily get rid of one of the characters?

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So, I’ve been having a really hard time coming up with an ending for my novel. I basically just kept adding scenes and being like, “well, then this could happen, and then this …”, but I couldn’t come up with a way to resolve things.

Well, I think I’ve figured it out. I’m just … not going to resolve everything, if that makes sense. I’ll just leave it kinda open-ended.

And the craziest thing about my plan? The guy does not get the girl. Which is not really all that crazy, but for me, my characters always get together. So for them to not get together? Unresolved tension? What is this nonsense?

Anyway, this ending may not work. The open-ended ones are always kinda frustrating. Did you ever read Monster Blood Tattoo by D.M. Cornish? It’s a trilogy, and sooo good. But the ending? It just sorta … ends. I was like NO I WANT MOAR. It was also a really good series, so of course I want more, but you know what I mean.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s better to have things left open to the imagination.

Well, I guess I’ll put this ending in, and then if my beta readers hate it, I’ll change it. Somehow.

I guess it’s back to work for now!

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I was getting a bit bored with the scene that I’m writing right now, so today I decided to do a little editing. I went through and tried to figure out what words I use too much and should try to cut back on.

Note, the file that I’m working on is about 70,300ish words.

I have used the word “said” 268 times.

I have used the word “suddenly” 58 times. Which I guess isn’t terrible, but I can still cut some of that out.

I used the word “back” 367 times. I don’t know how. This is consistently a word that I overuse. Of course, doing a ctrl+f for “back” will also count things like backwards and backhoe (have not used that word, but you get the idea). Still. That’s like … over 3 “back”s per page.

I’ve used the word “some” 124 times. Eh…

And I’ve used the word “then” 268 times. As in, they did this, then they did that. Whoops.

So I’m starting with suddenly, cause there aren’t too many of them. To fix all the “said”s I think I’m gonna just have to reread it and go through line by line and start changing things.

Back … will probably still be everywhere, let’s be honest.

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Road Trip No. 2

So, I realized that we still haven’t talked about ourEpic Road Trip of Doom 2: The Sequel. Um … I don’t have any photos. And I don’t really feel like blogging tonight. So! In the future days, look forward to learning all about the classiest McDonald’s I’ve ever seen (it had a chandelier), carrying a kayak upstairs and into our hotel room, 4th of July, Myriad harassing a McDonald’s employee about gendered toys, Tanqueray and Tonic, me almost killing us while driving through a construction site (NOT MY FAULT), me almost killing us while driving sandwiched between an SUV and a 18 wheeler (REALLY NOT MY FAULT), Dad almost killing us all with fireworks … hmm … I can’t really think of anything else super exciting right now. Well, eventually we’ll write it all up.

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So I have some goals, a sort of timeline for the rest of the year.

By August 15th, I would like to have a finished draft of my novel. Hopefully, it will be done even earlier.

At that point, I will send it out to beta readers. Dea and Myriad, this means you. Hopefully it won’t take you too long to read it. Now, Dea is going to be busy, I know, and then school is going to start back up, but I would like to get comments back as soon as possible.

Then, I will edit it. And edit it. And edit it. And I may send more snippets back to my betas … (betai? it is greek…) and then when I hear back from the βήται I’ll edit even more.

My main goal is to have a good solid manuscript by the end of the year. And then, I’m going to start querying.

So, while my βήται are reading and making snarky comments in the margins (which I do hope they do), I will still be working.

First, I need to write a query letter. Now, since I intend to adjust the letter for each agent that I send it to, the main part that I’ll have to focus on then is the book description, the opening that will hopefully grab their attention.

Then, I need to do some major research into which agents I want to query. Depending on how long it takes to hear back from my βήται and in between editing and things like that, I’ll probably do some agent-y research in September, and then do more right before I start submitting, to make sure that no one’s guidelines have changed and to check that I didn’t miss any new agents.

So October will hopefully be editing. Hopefully at least one βήτα will have gotten back to me by then (that’ll be like a month and a half, and I’ve only got like what, 80K words right now?). If you haven’t gotten back to me by then … doom on you. (cue the dodo birds from Ice Age.)

November will be nanowrimo. I think. I may decide that it would be better for me to just hold off and finish up the novel that I’ve got. But I do love nano, so I’ll probably give it a shot. Came up with an awesome idea for some characters while on a lovely jetski ride with Myriad. Of course, I don’t really have  a plot for those characters, but who needs a plot? (I’m kidding guys, really.)

December will be finishing up my manuscript. Hopefully I can get some querys … queries? … queries sent out before the new year. (At times like this, I realize that I should just go back and delete the typo, but … nah.)

Of course, I will be taking two seminars and a class and sitting in on another class and working 20 hours a week, so this may not work out quite as well as I hope. But I’m gonna try to keep to my schedule. I swear!

Then of course, I’m sure all of January and February will be querying and waiting to hear back. March too. I don’t expect my first novel to be picked up right away. But wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

Anyway. Then we roll around to April, which is Script Frenzy. As Myriad knows, I’ll be writing the script for a musical based on the music of Jeffery Straker (like how Mamma Mia is ABBA music). I’ve basically got it all planned out, I just need to come up with a good ending. His new album comes out this fall, hopefully there will be the PERFECT song to tie up my musical. And if not, well … whatever it’ll be more Jeffery Straker music so all will be well.

So here’s my basic writing timeline for the next … few months … 9 months. That’s a long time. And a lot to get done!

Let me know what you think!

And βήται, get ready.

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