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Grad School Apps!!

So I’ve been meaning to apply to grad school all break. I’ve already applied to one University, and some aren’t due until March or April (nice, huh?), but one application is due January 15th. So being as it is finally January, I decided to apply today.

And I learned that their application is NOT online.

The main application is online, but all the supplemental forms are not. I have to print out all the forms and mail them in! Which I find to be extremely annoying and unexpected in this computerized age.

But fine. I can go to the library tomorrow or something and print them out (because naturally I left my printer at school). And then I can mail them in, and have everything in with plenty of time to spare.

Except the references. Apparently I have to fill out part of the form for the referencers, and sign it. Sooo … I’d have to print them out, sign them, mail them to my professors, and then have them mail the forms in. One professor is off out of state somewhere. He’s not going to be returning home until the 15th. Which is when they’re due. The next professor is in Texas. TEXAS!! So I’d have to mail it out to Texas! Ok fine, that’s not so terrible, the mail isn’t that slow. But then my third professor is so absentminded that he can barely remember to tie his own shoes. I can’t expect him to get any forms in on time. Besides which, I’m fairly certain that he’s out of the country. I WILL NEVER GET THE FORM TO HIM ON TIME.

What do I do now??

The problem is, I’m really not absolutely enthralled with the idea of going to this University anyway, so I’m even MORE tempted to just not apply. But I should! It’s a good program, and it would be good for me and what I want to do. But I don’t want to. 😦


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