I Brought the Diabetes to the Super Bowl Party

So, this post is a little later than it should be. Whoops. Anyway, for the super bowl party, I decided to make chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Here’s the recipe.¬†And let me tell you, these are THE BEST CUPCAKES KNOWN TO MAN.

They also could probably give you diabetes if you eat more than one. Omg so sweet …

Anyway, the reason that I’ve been hesitant to post this is that it’s a pretty photo-heavy post, and I’m lazy and don’t like posting photos. But here they are.

Let’s start by just saying that these exist.

So naturally, this happened:

But anyway, first you need to make cupcakes. Start by ensuring that you have a beater that actually works, or this can be quite difficult.

Make cupcakes.

Cut out the center.

You’ll end up with a bunch of these cupcake centers, which taste a lot like those chocolate chip mini muffins. (read: pure sugar)

Fill it with a super delicious cookie dough-like filling made of condensed milk and chocolate chips and death.

Then frost it, and cover it with more chocolate chips. You’ll notice that this cupcake has been cut in half. I was so excited to eat it that I couldn’t wait to take the photo.

Here’s my little assembly line going.

Some delicious looking cupcakes.

The problem is that I was eating these things all along. I ate some batter. I ate the cupcake centers.

I ate the cookie dough filling.

By the time the cupcakes were ready, I was about to die.

This made two dozen cupcakes. Thankfully most of them were eaten at the superbowl party. It took about a week for me to finish off the rest, and I was bringing them to class and just giving them away to people. You really can’t eat more than one every other day. They are intense.

Also, I am in no way trying to make fun of people with diabetes. Just don’t let them eat these cupcakes.

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So I’ve come to the conclusion that I watch all these sci-fi and fantasy movies and read all these books because I keep hoping that one day it will end up being true. I’m just afraid that nothing is ever going to happen.

Either that or I’m going to end up like Molly Grue, screaming at the unicorn wondering why she waited so long.

Hurry up unicorn! I’m not getting any younger here!

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Just for you, Dea

Maybe I should get a dog:

Although that doesn’t always work (this is such a great advertisement):

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You learn something new …

So I learned TWO things today.

1: I learned that if you freeze a tomato, the skin comes off super easy. I froze a tomato (whole, just dropped it into a tupperware and stuck it in the freezer) back in December, and just got it out today for lunch. If you just score the skin (because slicing through a frozen tomato is quite difficult), and then soak it in some hot water, it thaws nicely and the skin just slides right off.

2: I learned that my cat does NOT have fleas. She has one GIANT flea that’s like 5 times bigger than any other flea I’ve ever seen. This thing is like the size of a small ant. Most fleas I’ve seen on cats are those ittybitty little ones, that basically look like jumping black dots. This thing was MASSIVE.

Does that mean I could catch and kill it? Of course not. Because it is still a flea.

So now the cat is covered in anti-flea powder and I’ve sprayed the whole house in this nasty-smelling anti-flea spray. Clearly the fact that she is wearing a flea collar and last week I gave her a bath with flea shampoo and put that flea and tick medicine on her has no effect on giant fleas of doom.

Seriously, this thing is like fleazilla.

I wonder if I can lure it out with Matthew Broderick and a pile of fish.

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